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4 Quick Tips: How to Avoid Insurance Claims During the Holidays

insurance claim holidays

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year for many people, and a time of celebration as we gather with friends and family. The increase in holiday parties and festivities, colder weather, and traffic conditions can also lead to an increase in insurance claims. In order to keep this holiday season claim-free,…

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Electric Cars: A Historic Overview

The idea of electric cars has taken the world by storm. Whether focused on saving money on fuel costs or conserving the environment, car drivers have taken notice of the many options of electric vehicles that are hitting the market. However, electric automobiles are anything but new. The concept of electric vehicles can be traced…

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Thanksgiving Travel Tips

Thanksgiving Travel Tips Did you know that Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year? Of course you did. But even with that knowledge, we can all use some tips around this holiday to help to save us some time and possible frustration. Road Travel While driving to your holiday destination may save some…

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It’s Almost Election Day!

It’s Almost Election Day! Despite which political party you reside with, we can all agree that this Presidential Election has had its fair share of twists and turns. With that said, Election Day is almost here! It is tomorrow on Tuesday, November 8. If you have not yet cast your vote, or have some questions, please…

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Must-Read Tips for Your RV Trip

Must-Read Tips for Your RV Trip  Whether you consider yourself to be an adventure-loving person or just the “wanderlust” type, utilizing an RV as a mode of travel and lodging when exploring an area is a great way to go. Even if you prepare for a trip, making detailed plans as to which routes you will take and…

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Proper Car Care Maintenance

Proper Car Care Maintenance As a car owner, performing regular maintenance on your vehicle is probably one of the best things you can do to help save money on future repairs. During the summer months is when more time is typically spent on the road, so it’s a great time to get to catch up on…

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Night Driving Safety

Night Driving Safety Night driving poses additional challenges when compared to driving on a nice, sunny day. No matter whether it is fall, winter, spring, or summer, it is imperative to demonstrate additional caution when driving in the evening for optimal safety. National Safety Council statistics indicate that night driving accounts for approximately 23 percent…

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Guest Blog: DUI & SR22 Insurance – The Largest DUI Related Expense

DUI and SR22 Insurance – The Largest DUI Related Expense by Michael Phillips, California DUI Defense Attorney You may be under the impression that legal fees are the largest expense related to DUI charges, however that’s far from the truth. The reality is that increased auto insurance premiums, an often overlooked consequence of a DUI…

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