Breathe Easy Insurance CADTP Counselors Scholarship

Thank goodness for the dedicated Substance Use Disorder Counselors who change lives every day!


Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions, in partnership with CADTP, is sponsoring a scholarship to help pay for certification and exam fees for CADTP registered counselors.

Breathe Easy values the work you do and we want to help you move forward with your journey becoming a certified Substance Use Disorder Counselor.

CADTP is the owner and administrator of this scholarship program, and Breathe Easy Insurance is THE proud sponsor.


Breathe Easy is funding up to 15 awards of $350 each ($5,250 total) in CADTP credit to help registered counselors gain certification.

Eight awards will be available for registrants working in any treatment modality, and seven awards will be available for registrants working in DUI treatment.


The sponsorship will continue until all $5,250 has been paid out.


Scholarship funds are available to CADTP registered counselors only.

The CADTP registered counselor’s registrant status must be current (non-expired) and in good standing (no disciplinary actions in place).

Applicants must submit their certification and exam, having completed all requirements as stated in the CADTP Candidate Handbook.

Failure to submit a complete certification and exam application to CADTP within 60 days of the award will result in forfeiture of the award.


To apply for a scholarship, complete the form on this page. CADTP will review applications and notify the applicant of an incomplete application or approval.

CADTP Scholarship Application

  • name
  • email
  • phone
  • Employer Name
  • Employer Email
  • Employer phone number
  • CADTP Registration Number


  • By submitting an entry, the applicant permits Breathe Easy Insurance and CADTP to use their name and likeness on Breathe Easy Insurance and CADTP websites and social media channels for publicity purposes.
  • Award money will be paid directly to certification and exam fee charges in the winner’s CADTP account, and not to the applicant directly.
  • CADTP will administer the donated funds and is the sole arbiter of eligibility for and award of the scholarship. Breathe Easy has no role in the process beyond donation of the scholarship dollars.


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