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Our DUI Law Firm’s Philosophy: RESULTS ARE WHAT MATTER. We have worked hard over the past 14 years to earn the reputation as the TOP San Diego DUI trial law firm. We have earned this leading DUI defense reputation by being tenacious fighters and zealous advocates for our clients.

We have worked diligently to establish a first class, respectable, dependable, and professional reputation throughout Southern California while vigorously fighting for our clients.

As DUI specialists, we are dedicated to doing one thing and doing it better than anyone else. We have limited our practice to the defense of those accused of DUI and continue to earn our representation as San Diego’s Highest Rated Exclusively DUI Defense Law Firm.

Most importantly, we have always believed that DUI CASE RESULTS, not talk, promises, or marketing are the reasons DUI / DWI clients retain our firm and refer their friends and family members to us. You will not see us advertising on television, nor will you see us trying to scare you into our office, nor boasting about the quality of our representation.Again, our case results and final outcomes speak for themselves. There is a reason you don’t see other so-called “San Diego DUI attorneys” posting results anywhere CLOSE to our DUI case outcomes. Why? BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T OBTAINED ENOUGH DRUNK DRIVING VICTORIES TO BE WORTH MENTIONING. As DUI lawyers, we are firm believers that doing one thing, and one thing only, and doing it better than anyone else, will guarantee the longevity of any law practice. We have limited our practice to the defense of San Diego DUI charges and striven to be the best in town for that reason.