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A driving under the influence (DUI) arrest can be very traumatic. For many of our clients, it is the first time they have had the shocking experience of being arrested, going through the booking procedure, and sitting in jail until they are released on a promise to appear or have bailed out.

Hiring an experienced DUI lawyer to represent you is important. As your DUI lawyer, Kaizuka Law is your biggest supporter. Since we believe you need to be in the know, we honestly discuss the best and worst case scenarios with you. Our first goal is to look for a DUI defense to get a dismissal. The next is to find a way to get a lesser charge or resolution. The best case scenario is of course not having a criminal case filed and the DMV not suspending your driver’s license at all. When that doesn’t happen, obtaining all available evidence is absolutely essential, the sooner the better. In the worst case scenario, we will guide you through the DUI legal process and make sure all requirements of probation are met with the least amount of stress and impact.

Each case is different and it may sometimes seem as though there isn’t anything that can be done to get a case dismissed or avoid a driver’s license suspension. For this reason it is important to have a knowledgeable DUI attorney investigate and obtain all available records. As your local Sacramento DUI defense attorney, we make sure every possibility is explored.

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