kristopherKristopher Beaulieu
Vice President - License #OG94279
Breathe Easy Insurance
Office Number (949) 529-5060
Cell Phone Number (857) 891-8608
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Graduated High School from Pinkerton Academy
AA-Suffolk University in Boston, MA

I started off in the insurance industry as a customer service representative at a small brokerage located in Southern California. Upon arrival, I quickly worked my way up to the senior customer service representative due to our dramatic increase in client retention. Working in the customer service department allowed me to really understand insurance, and what truly makes a client happy. Naturally my nextstep was to get my license, and become an insurance agent. In a very short period, I became a top agent with the knowledge, and skills I acquired in the customer service department.
Once I realized I had hit the ceiling of growth at my current position, and company. I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to become a partner in a new insurance brokerage called, Breathe Easy Insurance Solutions. I realized that hard work, and dedication to clients really does payoff. Breathe Easy has become one of the fastest growing insurance brokerages in California, known for great pricing, and second-to-none customer service.

A little bit about me
I started my professional career at a landscape architect company. I really enjoyed the ability to take a yard, and completely redesign it into something amazing. Later I managed a tanning salon my junior, and senior year of high school. Once I graduated from high school, I became a personal trainer at the Boston Sports Club. There I specialized in full body transformations, and was known for my circuit training programs. Once I left college, I found myself working in the demolition industry for Rangely Enterprise. After about a year of working in the field, I became a foreman running labor crews. I then started working for Holt Landscaping as a hardscape designer. I was responsible for designing patios, driveways, and waterfalls for high-end homes. After doing that job for a couple years I decided it was time to make a change in my life. I chose to move to California, and I drove across country. While in my new home, I worked in the construction industry for a short period. I was later offered a position in the insurance industry as a customer service representative. I jumped at the opportunity, and I could not have picked a better career path. Well should I say, "a better career path could not have picked me!"

When I’m not working, I enjoy being outdoors or in the gym. I live a fitness lifestyle and enjoy the challenges it presents. I enjoy being with my new family here in California, and playing with my nephews. I try to be the best man I can, and my numerous job's have helped mold me into the person I am today.