Young women with her licenseCar insurance is a necessity in the world we live in. After all, there are over 250 million cars actively registered in the United States alone. With that many vehicles on the road, accidents, thefts,Office Professional Plus 2016 Key and even fires are bound to happen. More than 12 million accidents occur annually, with more than 2 million people injured and more than 30,000 fatally injured. Add to those figures 1 million cars stolen annually, and it’s easy to see why insurance costs are so high.

Consequently, insuring your vehicles against loss is a good financial move and keeps you within the letter of the law. To enforce this matter further, every state now requires auto insurance or some
other proof of financial responsibility, such as a bond. But how can you be sure you are getting the best value for your insurance dollars? Follow these some tips:

  1. Make sure that you understand all of the insurance options available to you and what each covers before discussing them with an agent.
  2. Bundle your insurance coverage; discounts are available if you also have your home or rental insurance, or multiple cars insured with the same company.
  3. Keep your driving habits in check. Tickets and accidents will drive up your insurance premiums.
  4. Be aware that every company has different policies, so comparison shopping is one of the best ways to save.
  5. Check out rates before you buy that new (or new to you!) car. There can be a radical difference in premiums between potential vehicles, so be figure out the true cost to own that car. For example:
    • Sports cars are almost always more expensive to insure, and insurance for coupes is typically higher than sedans.
    • Autos are rated on many factors: how they fare in accidents, Office Professional Plus 2013 Key
      if passengers are frequently injured in accidents and how likely they are to be stolen. Do not assume that less expensive cars will cost less to insure.
    • Saturn cars, for example, are relatively inexpensive to insure because of the dent-resistant material.
  6. Raise your deductibles to the highest level you could afford to pay in the event of a loss. This is one of the quickest ways to save, though it might not be as effective for older cars.
  7. Drop comprehensive coverage on older vehicles with low market value. If it would cost you $3000 to replace the vehicle, does it make sense to pay more than $1000 per year for full coverage insurance? Weigh your options and decide.
  8. Ask about the additional discounts available to you. Discounts are available for low mileage drivers, those who work from home, students with good grades, and employees in certain professions.
  9. Take a safe driving course from the state DMV or your insurance company for lower premiums.
  10. Look for included perks like accident forgiveness, gap insurance, and roadside assistance. Some policies include these things automatically while others charge an increased premium.
  11. Self-insure for things you can afford to pay out of pocket like towing and rental car coverage.
  12. Pay your bill every quarter, or at least every six months, to save on additional monthly billing charges.

These tips can help you save money, but only if you act on them. For the best prices, be sure to regularly give yourself and your insurance policies a check-up to see that you are getting the most you can from your insurance company for the lowest premium.

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